A list of all my projects

A list of all my projects

This is a list of all my projects since my dad bought me my first computer. It includes apps, websites, and hobby projects. I made a wide range of stuff so it might be a good idea to write a post to keep track of them. It is sort of like a resume. It also serves as a medium for me to reflect and learn from my mistakes.

Most things I made did not succeed or make any money, but it is important for me to overcome the fear of failures, keep learning and keep creating. I also believe every idea and project deserves attention.

Most of all, it is fun to make stuff and document it.



LofiBox – A desktop app that let you listen to your favorite Lofi radio or study music from Youtube without distractions and ads.


Stop being boring – I wrote it spontaneously and it went viral on HackerNews. My crappy WordPress server went down for 3 hours due to high traffic. I needed to create a swap memory and delete the featured picture in order to keep the site running. I think I got lucky. I was being authentic, open, and honest. People seemed to resonate with me.


Space4 – An online workplace that helps you to stay focused, be productive and connect with other like-minded fellows.



ScrapingHero – an API that provides you with a simple way to scrape web pages.


Bakchoi BI, is a BI-as-a-service business that helps e-commerce sellers set up BI systems to manage and analyze their business data.



BakchoiCam – a screen recorder for your Mac.


MiniPNG – A Mac app to help your compress images at optimal quality instantly.


Jsonman – A Mac app to help you create a mock API in seconds, with zero coding.


Anyword, helps you become more creative by writing 750 words every day.


Automatic price adjustment system for Noon merchants – a web-based system that automatically gathers market data, and monitors competition for thousands of listed products. The computer program would analyze the prices and ranks, generate a price adjustment report, and perform the price change automatically.

video demo


Tmall scraper – I developed a bot that can collect product data from tens of thousands of Tmall stores. The most prominent feature of the computer program was to overcome the platform’s anti-scraping mechanisms, such as fingerprinting, bot detection, cookie encryption, slider CAPTCHA, and others. Python, PyAutoGUI, and Selenium were mainly used for this project.


SnailMusicBox – a virtual music box that helps you to relax and slow down.


ColorBlock, a box-stacking iOS app.

video demo: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/AJsBN7Bsamo


TonyAlarm – an iOS app that wakes you up and gets you excited every morning. To turn off the alarm, you need to accomplish three simple tasks: write a positive confirmation statement, shake the phone, and smile at the camera.


BreathNow – an iOS app that helps you relax through a guided breathing exercise.


BibleGarden, helps people to have fun reading Bible verses.


EasyButton – makes office work simpler, helps people reduce frustration, and enhance work enjoyment.


Fun Oven, is an AI-powered oven that helps people to cook better food and share the joy of baking.


ScareHimAway is a personal safety alarm app designed to keep you safer from potential threats.


CoffeeAM, helps people to enhance mental focus and creativity through coffee shop ambiance.


鸡米花星球 (FryChickenPlanet) – A Chinese entertainment story site like BoredPanda.

< 2015

Todo: I will add more memories in the future…

2014: I was working in a Fortune 500 company, Midea. I hated it. I decided to pick up my childhood passion, programming. I did not know what to do and how I should start. So I asked random Chinese programming online to teach me coding. Most people rejected me even though I offer them money.

2013: I moved back to where I was from (Foshan, China), and started a new life.

2009 – 2012: I produced some electronic music tracks, but my music career never succeed and I decided to move on. Here are some of my tracks: https://soundcloud.com/patrick_zhong

2004 – 2008: I was purely fooling around. I failed almost all courses in my first year of college but got A+ from a C++ course.

2002 – 2004: I played in multiple bands with friends as a guitarist and keyboard player. I wrote some sounds, but nothing took off.

2001: I built a dancing game on a Mac computer, and got A+ from my computer science class at Cambie Highschool.

2001: I moved to Vancouver, Canada from Foshan, China.


2000: I built my first website with Dreamweaver that let people download video game emulators.

2000: I used Visual Basic to create a simple web browser that needs little memory and computation resources. It helps people to browse the net without Windows 95/98’s blue screen problem (it was very common). The app won 1st place in a software development competition hosted by my high school.

2000: I was deeply addicted to Counter-Strike. I used a Windows NT’s security bug to hack into a game server and destroyed it with some virus. I was evil. I am sorry for what I did.

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